The Artistic Master of Art Series is a collection of programs that are specifically designed to provide Personal Growth. Each program focuses on a different aspect to move towards the goal of being confident, positive and at peace with yourself and everyone around you in the world. The Master of Art Series forms part of the Native Studio Art suite of programs. The programs are designed for Business and Personal Growth. If you would like to find out more about the different programs that are available, join our Facebook page:


The Analysis of Mind is a course that is specifically designed to provide Personal Growth. The course focuses on a different aspect to move towards the goal of exloring intellect, intuition and examining the around you in the world. Philosophers maintained that mind is the reality and matter an evil dream called "idealists"—a  word which has a different meaning in philosophy from that which it bears in ordinary life. They knew sufficiently what they meant by the words "mind" and "matter" to be able to conduct their debate intelligently. 

You have a dream, and that is to share your experience with the world in a book! As you imagine readers looking at the cover of your book, and then hungrily opening it to scan the index you are whipped back into reality! The first thought, "What do I know about starting a book? This is going to cost a cazillion dollars? Who will help me get started?"

This course will:

  1. Provide five (5) one hour coaching sessions via Skype or Phone.
  2.   A one-on-one coaching session  with your very own book coach Barbara Derrick
  3. Brainstorm ideas for your book
  4. Recordings of coaching sessions for you to refer back to 
  5. All documents such as Word, and or PDF's will be supplied to you throughout the course
  6. Assist you in  mind mapping your chapters
  7. Provide you with tips and technqiues to get you writing anywhere, at anytime
  8. Provide you with a book template that contains: margins, paragraph indentation etc all related to the size of your book
  9. Get you thinking about the cover

Self-Publishing a Book is DOABLE it just takes a bit of work. Native Studio Art - Cultural Institute is different in its approach to aspiring authors in that we provide the information and short cuts to your success! From the cover design, to the creation of the book template, to ideas around editing/proof-reading your book. Will you be selling your book internationally? Some things to think about when applying for an Amazon account. What about printing your book? Getting the ISBN Number, down to licensing as a publisher. Yes, you heard it right we will teach you how to obtain your Canadian licensing! Why not? 

What you will receive:

1. Book Publishing Syllabus

2. Actionable steps throughout the course

3. Links, Audio and any documentation needed to guide you

4. Coaching 5 one-hour coaching sessions: They can be broken down into one-half hour sessions to expand coaching into areas you will need the most assistance. 

5. Guide you to book submission to printers

6. Bring a smile on your face "Selfie time of success!"

Your book is complete! As you thumb through the pages you are overwhelmed by what needs to happen to get it into the printers, then distributed to books stores. You will have options to have your book edited for a charge, an amount that relies on the page count. Or perhaps your cover design is bogging you down and you want someone else to do it for you? This is the package that you can purchase and let someone else do the work for you.

What you will receive:

  1. A phone call or Skype visit to understand your needs and to create a quoted price.
  2. Consultation Services
  3. Depending on choices you will have a) proof reading b) cover design c) all publishing services related under Native Studio Art
  4. Final product 

Transformational Educator & Leadership

If you’re an aspiring artistic educator you can learn to be a great transformational leader in your industry. This foundation course provides you with key insights, tips and skills to better identify, create, develop and ultimately motivate and become a powerful deliverer of growth minded training. During this introductory 4-week course, you will learn why transformational growth matters, and how successful educators empower others to learn. Ultimately, transformational educators develop the people around them and help them lead lives of success. If you are looking to increase your skills around leadership and the arts, and if you believe you have what it takes to empower others through your creativity, then register now to start your journey.


8 lessons

1 month

3 hrs per week

5 tests


Interactive Webinars

Session Q & A

Who this course is developed for: instructors, coaches, mentors, artists, artisans, coaches, and mentors.

Upon Completion Receive: Certificate of Recognition 

LESSON 1 - Are You Teacher-Centered Or a Transformational Educator?

We start by focusing on the basic skills that all student-centered educators must have to be successful transformational educators. Explore meaningful characteristics that great educators bring to their positions. You will be able to apply the skill set covered in the characteristics of transformational teaching to make you an effective educator with the confidence to teach anything you desire.

LESSON 2 – Educator’s Competencies And Why They Matter

In this lesson, you will develop an awareness for the basic educator skills in lesson planning: to identify, create, and develop great lessons. You will then apply these competencies to communicate share your stories effectively, recognize and reward learner performance, and communicate your message effectively. You will then be able to recognize the value of different educational styles taken from the world’s best speakers that will help you to develop your own personal style of transformational leadership in education.

LESSON 3 - Transformational Educators Life Purpose, Shared Vision, And Values

The difference between a transformational educator and a teacher-centered educator is their ability to explain why they do the work the way they do. In lesson 3, you will explore how transformational educators explain why they do what they do. You will learn how the content they deliver inspires and motivates people to be more open-minded to growth.

LESSON 4 - Learn To Motivate And Inspire Others 

Transformational Educators strive for excellence  and are motivated as solution solvers, they  do not fear change but embrace it. During lesson 4, you will gain key insights into how  transofrmational educators encourage growth and empowerment. John Maxwell said, "People will never remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel." It's about building trust  by getting ourselves out of the way. Through a once a week on-line course webinar people from this course will particpate in a live  Q + A   to hear what others are thinking, and to learn how to make time to connect to the group. The participation will be to make the course more interactive where we can share motivational tips and tricks we may already be using with others.

LESSON 5 - Coaching For Success

In Lesson 5, you will learn how to coach learners effectively. You will appreciate why coaches use a specially designed schedulling system to promote the success of clients.  Transformational Educators also know how to manage difficult learners through the ACT system.  You will also gain insights into how this formula gives responsiblity and  commitment back to the client building their personal empowerment one step at a time.  

LESSON 6 - How Transformational Educators Eat Transition for Breakfast!

Those who empower others, inspire change. You will learn what it takes to continue building yourself . Transitional Educators aren't afraid of change, and actively strive for growth on a daily basis.  You will facilitate change and motivate those who are resistant to change. You are passionate, love what you do, know what you do. 

LESSON 7 - What the Future Looks Like for Transformational Educators?

Some educational institutions are struggling with the constant change created by consumers seeking lower tution, the cost of books and overall campus costs. We've look at the millennial generation and their appetitie for social media consumption. Nowadays, it isn't too difficult to take a course in leadership, or sharpen technques around any art form in the world through Google, YouTube or Pinterest. Barbara provides basic insights to help you think about your position as a small business owner in a multicultural setting.  

LESSON 8 – Transformational Educators Build Themselves Through Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Learning

Transformational Educators are continually learning new skills and developing newer competencies. They understand that personal growth interpersonally and intrapersonally is important to their successes with others. In lesson 8, we will focus on the steps to build lessons that teach and empower others to strive towards for their greatness. You will learn why a transformational educator is a transformational speaker and how it has created a growth minded industry since Zig Ziglar's time.