The (6) Introductory courses on various topics will provide students with experiences so different than what competitors offer to creative and artistic entrepreneurs. The courses engage you in knowledge, value and the skills used in the arts. In this corner of the internet artists know what its like to not get the sale, be bombarded by inquiries and disappointments. This is a feast of exploration!

designed for the student with little or no previous art experience. The emphasis of this course will be on understanding personal strengths, attributes and passions of artistry in the industry. Students will gain perspectives on the “how” and “why” to encourage clearer articulation of their art pieces. Students will additionally participate in applied art exercise that will enrich their understanding of the course material.

One of the most desired attritubes an artist can have is connecting to people. John C. Maxwell says that in order to do business with people they have to "know, like and trust" you. Those of us that in the product industry, selling art prints, work of art or even the special customized art pieces have probably had our fair amount of disappointments in sales!  I believe as artists, our real business is  people focused. Therefore, we are in the people focused industry where it doesn't hurt to learn more about personal attributes and become interested in those who will buy our work?

Discover Your Artistic Style

You have hidden talent, something that sets you apart from everyone else. It's the way you choose your color, how you create your lines and how much time you take on each art piece. Your technique comes to you with such ease and fluidity because you were born with it. Yet you are unaware of why Pablo's work sells, or why people love Leonardo? And what about your neighbor who has a steady stream of buyers visiting them and their art work.   You have a Picasso inside of you but you are unaware of how to display your talent to the world. Learn how to discover your style and start attracting customers from this introductory course of two weeks.