Courses that contain the creating of small and large art projects in the Art Studio.

Business of Art Part I 

This course is designed to develop leadership skills in communication, problem solving techniques, teamwork building,goal setting, customer service, leadership attributes and stress management. Through a series of exercises, hands on activities, and videos students will acquire a greater understanding of business in the arts, or arts in a business.

Business Planning Part II

This course provides a selection of artists from the Woodland Group of Seven and the Group of Seven. Students will get a sense of how Aboriginal art work became popular, and what was happening in Canada at the time art came to the forefront. Exploration of the various art mediums, brush work, style and characteristics within their body of work will enable students to critique work with a renewed understanding of art.

The students should understand why it is important to study the art of Aboriginal people as well as the art of other cultures. Students will understand the use of masks in the Aboriginal culture. Students will create their own mask out of plaster, and place final finishing on with clear coat epoxy. They will work in teams to make their plaster molds and then will use paint and other items to decorate their masks. Students will learn about symbolism, research it, and adorn their masks with their chosen symbols.

This course will teach you how to create small traditional art forms for your museum, or heritage site presentations. You will learn the elements of good instruction, lesson planning, organizing, and preparing for class tours.